What Motivates You to Live Every Day?

This isn’t going to be some very cliche article on motivation, your success, or anything too entrepreneurial. Hopefully, this will through as a sincere approach and hard inquiry on yourself. To really understating why it is you live for today, tomorrow, and your future.

For someone that has undergone depression from a very early age, the question of “why am I here, or continue to be here”, and then the follow-up thought “how can I live for what I want while serving the world” were questions all too real, and later what helped my direction.

I grew up in a very closeted, entrapped environment, that would later be something amazing that I see now as a benefit to my life and others. As it were, being my personality temperament, my environment growing up was not ideal for my growth. I was overshadowed by the opposite of motivation and progress, and in all seriousness, I didn’t know why I kept pulling through back then.

I think a lot of people take for granted their living situations, what is truly accessible, and what I mean by accessible is common resources that we can appreciate, like food, care, and support, etc. I think my life would have been a tad different, if I would have been supported emotionally, if I were given the chance to socialize and explore opportunities, If I had the chance to travel to see school friends, go to events that piqued my interest.

Apart from me feels a lot was robbed in my earlier years; opportunity wise, and nurture wise. I almost feel like I always shadowed the people that had the resources to do what they wanted, able to take advantage of what they wanted to do. Though I am no advocate for excuses, my earlier life was very catatonic and negative, I couldn’t even say I was living in comfort, with security, emotionally or physically. This all changed when I was kicked out, and boy was that a godsend.

The point I’m trying to make here is that, during those times, living in that kind of environment, there were times when I wanted to end it. There were times when I was saying to myself “If I am stuck, and I can’t go forward if I can only go backward, how much pain can I possibly endure before it becomes too much?”

The end result was somehow connecting to others. I knew that at that time I was very in-tuned with understanding people. I knew that my work would have to do with supporting, and motivating people, and at that time I didn’t even care what direction it was that I needed to go down.

I knew internally that I wanted to make a difference, and that I didn’t want to wake up every day not living the truths that I feel when I talk to someone, guide someone on their journey, or be present with someone who needs presence, let alone exists in a negative environment.

I ended up realizing why I wanted to live every day. Not only for myself but for the people I want to support. For the people out there that were in a similar position than I was in. People have always motivated me. From the time I can realize, which I think to be the flame of purpose, once that was sparked, it never truly fizzled.

I think when we all realize the broad ability to serve, to give our gifts through what we have experienced, or yearn to do give back in ways that somehow directly tie to deep values we have, is when we are really fueled long term.

I will always be an advocate for sayings like “If you are not living you are dying” or “fight for your survival and success.” Sure these and many other quotes will look great on paper, but in order to wake up and be motivated, we have to ask ourselves why we seriously do what we do, every day.

You may do some errands throughout the day, take care of the kids, go to school, and watch some YouTube. When you go sleep and recap the day, or realizing you aren’t happy before you shut your eyes, were all these experiences worth it, or did you want to do more?

Without a purpose in your life, without knowing why it is you keep moving along, like a robot with an “on” switch out to do its routine functions, what gives you your unique difference? What gets you saying “today is going to be amazing because I get to make a cancer patient smile” or “ I get to give unconditional love to my husband because he and I are good and happy,” or whatever your pure intentions will be.

When we go on autopilot is when we turn on our comfort, and thus becomes the start of our lethargic downfall

I believe when we enter the space of understanding why it is we keep living, we enter a space of discomfort. This is discomforting because we are forced to understand, visualize perhaps, the position of if we have fallen off track, or the real reasons that motivate us to serve humanity.

Some are afraid of revisiting past situations to conjure the intention to affect the world in a positive way, because it may not often be seen as positive, to convert past trauma, or observations, even interests into something to connect us to the world.

Putting ourselves on autopilot, we subject ourselves to a lack of presence, the presence we need to remember our direction, and our objectives at hand. When we forget our mission, when we forget the past and the mindsets that have shaped us, we can easily become far-sighted from what matters most to us.

Realizing why I needed to keep going, sure, it was the search for the deep truth of knowing why I mattered, why I should and want to be here, but adding this dimension of connecting to the world seemed too much more important and mandatory. Waking up every day and having that clarity makes life easier to approach and work with, through all the hardship and challenges. Knowing my direction, and why means more to me than anything.

Appreciating all experiences that we’ve gone through have amazing weight on our inner self. I appreciate the situations that I didn’t have growing up. I had no resources, opportunity, the lack of socializing, and the lack of emotional and adult support and presence, let alone guidance.

We all have our challenges and hardships, both realized and unrealized, and get to choose at any given time if we are ready or not to pursue these aspects of ourselves. We all have our own journey, and through we all face different adventures, we always have the support of those out there in the world willing to connect with us, whatever part of life we may be at, and to be present with us.

I was fortunate enough to have some friends, and also, grow up in a time when the internet was evolving to the point where we can socially interact with one another. That kind of accessibility helped me wonders and is not just helping me around the world, not just MBTV’s community, but everywhere.

If you were to take away anything from this article and somehow read through all of this, ask yourself where you are on your journey, and why you live on? Having only a certain amount of days on this earth, whether you believe in an afterlife, reincarnation, or whatever, why is it that you remain here? It’s not your school, university, wife, or day job that gets you up every day.

The fear and pressures to live are not reasons enough. We are driven, on a deeper level why we should wake up and, live on. Explore more of why you are here, explore more of what your reason for being here is. What aspirations do you have? What dreams do you want to materialize? What is stopping you (rhetorically: we all know it’s you stopping you). What are your obstacles, your fears, or what you are afraid to bring back into your life and face?

Life is never linear, and everyone’s journey is vibrant, different, and unique in their own way. Now, you can hop on Facebook, and discover at least 10 life-altering videos, and at least 1 inspiring article on someone’s transformation. We are all in the same boat of discovering how to get the most out of life and ourselves.

Remember to bring presence to your life. Bring about these questions, and ask yourself, with sincerity and power, why you are here? Listen to your inner voice, and see what happens.