Know Your Personal Code to Live by

This sounds more elusive than the concept actually is. Throughout a lot of my life, I really haven't put much thought into my own personal way, or code to live by, because I always had set principles in place, and when I felt like there was a better way to see things, I would modify accordingly.

I’ve found that as much as that works for me, there is an underlying need for structured codes to live by so I don’t overstep, and make decisions that either harms me or waste my time. I’m not going to post mine here, but what I will do is make a video about my personal codes I’ve created, and talk about them in-depth. I think everyone to some extent should be aware of and drill in their awareness what is acceptable and what is not; ways to live by.

Knowing your personal codes of conduct can really help you navigate through life situations way easier knowing that you can trust these codes, because to some extent, they should align with your gut, heart, and mind. When we abide by simple codes we set for ourselves, this action in part builds our integrity. Being able to stick by our own convictions and philosophies in part makes us who we are.

For me personally, I’ve wasted too much time, to my standard, on experiences and situations that just didn’t align with who I am, what I stand for, and what I want to accomplish. Setting myself to a more rigid standard of codes to live by may help me. Over time I hope that I’ll be able to effortlessly understand them as situations arise.

SO, what are your codes? What do you value, that puts you in the right direction? What standards do you have in place that allow you to differentiate and keep moving with decisions and experiences that resonate with you?

Food for thought, enjoy the rest of your day!

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